Friday, February 26, 2010

Pancake Weakness

For those of you out there that may feel a little uncomfortable in the kitchen, don’t sweat it. We all that one dish that totally kicks out butt every time we try to tackle it. You will laugh when I reveal to you what my weakness is in the kitchen, but I want you all to know that no matter what, no matter how bad you think you are in the kitchen, you can do it. Just keep trying, keep at it and soon, you’re weakness will be a strength.

Without further adieu, my weakness, the one dish I cannot make…build suspense…


I know it’s sad; I can’t make pancakes, not even from the box. You know the powder that you just have to add water and cook it up. Somehow, I always manage to mess it up and make these awful, battery, goopy messy pancakes.

So, you can only imagine my hesitation when my little sister wanted pancakes for breakfast before she went to school. I love my little sis so much, I can’t say no to her when she comes in and gives me those big pleading eyes and asks really sweetly if she can have pancakes for breakfast. And she’s so sweet she says to me, “Please, will you make me pancakes if I show you how to do it?”

Let me paint this picture for you: I’m twenty years old, woke up late so I’m in my pajama’s with cute little cows grinning like they’re so happy to be up so early, my little sister, ten years old, dressed and ready for school like she does this every morning, and she’s telling me to pour the water into the bowl with the pancake powder and mix it around until it’s all liquidy. When that’s done, she shows me how to spoon out the batter into the pan and no, wait! You can’t flip it over until there’s a bunch of little bubbles all over it.


Now, thanks to my little sister, I can make pancakes from a box and even shape them into Mickey Mouse.

So, I want you to never give up on cooking. Keep trying and take little steps to master your kitchen a little at a time, even if you have to have a little help. : ) And I am going to work on my pancake technique.

Happy cooking!

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